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Musician. Dancer. Storyteller. Happy Guy.

Mark Kapner has had an unusual life. He has done everything from volunteer with the Peace Corps, to appearing on David Letterman playing Deck the Halls on dental floss, to performing at the original Woodstock with Country Joe and the Fish, and while Mark was a member of Neil Diamond's back-up band, he was once mistaken for Neil while sitting next to him! Mark spent seven years at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, then left to organize and direct Swing Out New Hampshire, a major swing dance event, for the the next fifteen years. In his ongoing quest for peace, love and understanding, Marks new book I Didn't Get Laid At Woodstock - How To Be Happy With Whatever You End Up Getting...While You're Getting It! will be available in 2023. Excerpts and blog posts are available here.

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